Welcome to the online home of author, Rachel Propst and Heart On Her Sleeve. Just like my own home, this online forum is a reflection of the dichotomous runway of life, achieving individual balance, autonomy, and spiritual success. I say, “Welcome.” I am a jack of all trades and a master of two. Commenting on and curating the experiences of womanhood in the twenty-first century. There is no one size fits all path in life.  Writing is no different.  Here you will find a world where life and genres collide to create a tapestry of self-care, human exploration, self-discovery, and bravery. Passionate about human connection, each of act of writing looks at the psyche and its broader affects on our lives and choices. This beautifully unexpected journey has created the opportunity for me to discover dynamic archetypes in the most unlikely places. Please enjoy, engage, explore and use this site as it fits your needs.  I can’t wait to hear from you!

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Cry me a River

When rest has unfamiliar names, And coping skills of olden days Our smaller-selves compete to reign. Her’clean attempts to ascertain Control leap, unfettered, through the brain. Best plans of mice or men mislaid, For the flood oft thought disdained Taken over and reframed In words of weakness and of shame. Truth obscured though still the... Continue Reading →

Healing / Dealing / Feeling

Heightened Frightened Fightin’: Tides, Frailty, Self. Surviving Climbing Searching: Purpose, Repurpose, Repose Harder Farther Faded: Lifelines, Shores, Youth’s intrepid spirit. Holding, Losing, Living: Hope, Death, Life. Loving Fully, Healing my Heightened Frightened Fightin’ self.

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