Why is book shaming a thing?

I love this post from Hiding Behind Books! Stop the Shaming! Reading is an escape! No one is criticizing what you do for your mental health, so stop thinking that what you read has any more value than another type of book!

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I recently had a friend (now an EX- friend) tell me that my contemporary romance books were too trashy and inappropriate, that it’s basically just porn, and that I should start reading books from a different genre.

To be honest, I was too pissed off and I couldn’t form a single argument so I just stared at her until she probably grew uncomfortable and went away. I was pissed because it’s none of her business what kinds of books I read, and I was genuinely offended for all the authors who toiled for hours on those books, only to be called trashy and inappropriate by a self-righteous, condescending, and prudish bitch (sorry). We all have different tastes when it comes to reading material, and it’s one thing to encourage other people to explore other genres and a whole other thing to hate on someone’s reading choices because you can’t stand…

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