Trading Tomorrows

Victories in many forms

On the wings of morning borne.

What’s today and what’s tomorrow

When we beg, steal and borrow

Joy for now and peace for then.

Oh I hear the cries of men,

“Trade us pain for your sorrow!

If not now, then please tomorrow.”

Take your peace and trade it down

To the “lesser” side of town

Where fear and loathing long abound

Waiting for freedom to be found

In a needle, cash, or dream.

Why this pattern makes us scream,

Those of us who seek true peace

Know it is lost where soothing meets

Our cries for comfort

Sadly, loudly purports

Our need for silence’s

Last resorts.

Peace today in discomfort found.

Peace today only abounds

In walking through

The old mildewed

Lost aches and pains

Held tightly for a righteous gain.

Lay it down. Be so light.

Feel the anger, loss, and fright

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