Worlds blurred and seas risen Suddenly I am in prison; Fog the eyes and blur the senses Making strong-held inferences. Fears at the forefront Reason at the back Surely I must confront How it is it that I attack This pain. So fresh so raw How do I hold space for all This mess. So... Continue Reading →

Blades of Strife

Mirror mirror on the wall How do I know a sheep from a cull? A wolf posturing in wooly clothes Appears, as soon as I repose. No peace to be had here, Upon this fretful sphere. Are we all fallen, broken, fearful made? Are we held in a father’s gaze Or left to stumble aimlessly,... Continue Reading →

Shifting Blue

Curtains shut, shading bluePretending to divide by hueFirst class from economy.A sheer and drifting dichotomy Barely masks a long-held truthAs stenches, noises float on throughTo make discomfortable and warnOur best attempts are just as worn As that tired curtain, floating blueLays bare a world that’s inside you.Uncomfortable with pain and selfAnd all a lot in... Continue Reading →

A Sparrow’s Psalm

Anxiety, wraps me in her nest, Feeds me well, and takes my rest. Trying always for a breathe. Suffocated half to death. Anxiety, spreading feathered wings, Rocks me back and forth and sings Of highest heights never reached; Set her off and let her preach. Anxiety, feeding worms to me. Never ever stops to see... Continue Reading →

In a dark room sits two chairs. As I meet an old friend there, On one I sat and held my breathe Looking square in the face of death. Death of dreams, and death of life, Death of expectations flown to heights Old and new, black and white This old friend came into sight. “You’re... Continue Reading →

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