Freedom Fighting

For or against. To or fro. Into the mist I must go. Freedom effusing Where fear resides. Dimly diffusing Light through sighs Of relief. Hidden away. Cloaked in leaves Of muster and decay. Fighting for breathe, Humidity the mis(d)t Of tears and death As fear faces his Greatest foe. A heart unleashed, Invigorated by low... Continue Reading →

When Anger

What once was a spark of an engine that propelled me out of unhealthy situations is now burning out of control and threatens to consume me whole. Anger, a defining quality? A tool to protect and build boundaries? Yes, but heavy boundaries, weights on my soul, barriers to forgiveness. What else has this rote defensive... Continue Reading →

The Devil’s Deadly Deal Revisited

Ronald Regan and I left the hospital on the same day.  While my trip was for entry into this horrific mess and his was for surving a political murder, the irony is not lost on me.  I wasn’t at Water Reed, receiving the best care available.   I was born in WV, already tainted in... Continue Reading →

Learn, Learned, Learning

I can’t breathe, I whispered to myself, again, for the hundredth time that hour.  What was it about today?  What was it about yesterday?  Or every day since mom got sick.  I am strong, and confident, and intelligent, yet you could not convince my psyche of that in anyway shape or form right now.   How... Continue Reading →

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