Once I Found Joy on the Step’s of Swami’s

Water broken. White belly borne. Tide has chosen Dusk or morn’. Crashing, Crushing Rock to sand. Sea, the boss. The bitch, the land. Which am I? And who are you? Horizons broken In shades of blue. Sea, the boss As clouds descend, Mountains crumble And waves upend. Moon arrises softly, Stately, No big show. Gently... Continue Reading →

Trading Tomorrows

Victories in many forms On the wings of morning borne. What’s today and what’s tomorrow When we beg, steal and borrow Joy for now and peace for then. Oh I hear the cries of men, “Trade us pain for your sorrow! If not now, then please tomorrow.” Take your peace and trade it down To... Continue Reading →

Freedom Fighting

For or against. To or fro. Into the mist I must go. Freedom effusing Where fear resides. Dimly diffusing Light through sighs Of relief. Hidden away. Cloaked in leaves Of muster and decay. Fighting for breathe, Humidity the mis(d)t Of tears and death As fear faces his Greatest foe. A heart unleashed, Invigorated by low... Continue Reading →

When Anger

What once was a spark of an engine that propelled me out of unhealthy situations is now burning out of control and threatens to consume me whole. Anger, a defining quality? A tool to protect and build boundaries? Yes, but heavy boundaries, weights on my soul, barriers to forgiveness. What else has this rote defensive... Continue Reading →

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