5 Essential Life Truths That Sound Depressing But Aren’t

"1. Stress happens Take Home Message: Try to find ways to view your stressors as manageable challenges, show up and contribute, control what you can and let go of what you can’t. 2. T here’s no such thing as a happy ending Take Home: Accept the inevitability of change and uncertainty in life. Stop thinking... Continue Reading →

Tribed and True

I know when we hear catch words like "tribe" it can often be off-putting.  But lately I have found that things are off-putting for a reason.  Sometimes it is fear, sometimes jealousy or misunderstanding.  Sometimes it is time and commitments. For whatever reason, when we have a visceral reaction to something, it is usually towards... Continue Reading →

Take Heart <3

"It takes heart to live in even ordinary times. ....... Have courage. At all human scales, strong forces have always tried to confuse and frighten others. Whatever outward action is necessary, you can preserve an inner freedom, never cowed or bowed in your core." Rick Hanson, PhD This article by Dr. Rick Hanson beautiful encapsulates,... Continue Reading →

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