Temperamental Tuesday

Temperamental Tuesday (Take 1) Taking-off, trailing traffic, To tend the tedium. The trap tricks, Terminating transparency, Tersely taking turn. “Time to toil!” Temperamental Tuesday (Take 2) Trailing touch, temporalizes Today, terminating torpor. (Tuning-in tranquilizes) Toes tacitly tapping Tunes. Tiles teeming, “Time to thrive!” #napowrimo #timestwo #rwhhohs

Cry me a River

When rest has unfamiliar names, And coping skills of olden days Our smaller-selves compete to reign. Her’clean attempts to ascertain Control leap, unfettered, through the brain. Best plans of mice or men mislaid, For the flood oft thought disdained Taken over and reframed In words of weakness and of shame. Truth obscured though still the... Continue Reading →

Honest Farts

Early in the honeymoon phase of mine and my husband’s ten-year relationship, I had drifted into sleep while he quietly finished his book. Somewhere in the moments of early sleep and deep body relaxation, I let one rip. I have never in my life farted so loudly I woke myself up, but that night I... Continue Reading →

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